Running Analysis & Technology

We’re always keen to provide runners with the best opportunity to understand more about running and specifically how runners run. We love using technology and combined with assessment this works well for helping runners to get over injury and improve performance. As a team of techno geeks, imagine our delight when we got our hands … Continue reading Running Analysis & Technology

Sensorimotor System – What does it mean & What’s the implication for rehab? Bec van De Scheur

After hitting heavy traffic, turning what should have been a swift two hour car trip into an eventful six hour journey to Birmingham, we finally reached the Therapy Expo 2017!   Fuelled with coffee, we sat in on a number of interesting presentations. Although there was diversity amongst the guest speakers a common theme seemed … Continue reading Sensorimotor System – What does it mean & What’s the implication for rehab? Bec van De Scheur

Neuromuscular Control – What does it mean???

Neuromuscular Control - What Does it mean? Neuromuscular control is certainly a complex procedure undertaken by the body but this has been made easier to understand by Vern Gambetta, a top performance coach from the U.S. Great reading and this will certainly improve that understanding of movement. Movement is quite simple and from that wonderful … Continue reading Neuromuscular Control – What does it mean???

Kiniesiology Taping Course

KINESIOlOGY TAPING COURSE This exciting one day clinical Physiotherapy course will enable participants to: Develop their understanding of the role of Kinesiology taping Develop expertise in the application of Kinesiology Tape for common clinical conditions Become proficient at applying Kinesiology  tape effectively to a variety of regions   Venue: Birmingham City Hospital, Dudley Road, Birmingham, … Continue reading Kiniesiology Taping Course

Runners Need Gleuts of Steel

So many peolpe are training and runing over the winter, and thats a great away to get fit or die trying. But to help keep those unwanted injuries at bay,  try these exercises. These exercises help prevent leg injury’s in so many sports and activities, not to mention keeping your posterior nice and perky. So here they … Continue reading Runners Need Gleuts of Steel

Marathon Injury Prevention (SECRET TIPS)

So knowing how competitive runners can be,  I thought I'd give the insiders tips on how to get ahead and stay ahead in your marathon preparation training. Having done some further research, I had a good chat with Max Dillon who runs for Milton Keynes Running Club in triathlon's, half marathons, marathons and 35/40/50 mile fell runs. Now, … Continue reading Marathon Injury Prevention (SECRET TIPS)

Marathon Training Advice

Marathon Training Advice So, its the time of year where everyone ramps up their training for the marathon season. Needless to say, the level of experience amongst runners varies widely. So this is a short guide for marathon training so you make it over the 26mile mark..... ....according to The Virgin London Marathon website, the following … Continue reading Marathon Training Advice

Road Testing BOXJOX

Road Testing BOXJOX As all sports men know, securing your crown jewels whilst partaking in your sport of choice is important. I've come across a novel way of doing this and thought I'd share it with you. Have you heard of BOXJOX? If not, don't be ashamed. BoxJox is a compression base layer and a state of … Continue reading Road Testing BOXJOX

Common Running Injuries

Although running injuries often display clear and distinct symptoms together with equally clear and distinct solutions, some will more readily respond well to self-treatment while others may require specialist attention. If you are unfortunate enough to pick up a running injury, check out the following guide – which provides an insight into the top … Continue reading Common Running Injuries