Physiotherapy & Sports Therapy Rehab comprises of an in-depth assessment of your injury to formulate the optimum recovery with a combination hands on treatment and individualised program needs.
We use our knowledge and expertise to get you injury free as quick as possible using our state of the art gym facilities and latest research to optimise recovery.
Our team of physiotherapists and sports therapists include experienced clinicians that have worked with local, national & international athletes.

  • Lead Physio – Tom Astley £70/£70
  • All online Telemedicine Online Consultations – £50/£30
  • Dance & Sports Therapy– Laura Fornoni £65/£65

Soft tissue therapy is a crucial part of any rehab process with specific techniques our team are able to provide pain relief, improve tissue mobility and joint flexibility. Our very own soft tissue lead therapist, Nick Mooney, has worked at Olympic, European and IAAF championships plus alongside Team GB. We can provide the same level of expertise to your rehab program post-surgery and through your injury.

Lead Soft Tissue Therapist – Nick Mooney £70/£55
Soft Tissue Therapist  – Laura Fornoni £65/£65

Running gait and performance reviews are available with 3 different packages to suit the needs of every runner. The running assessments are undertaken by Tanya Selby who is a qualified England Running coach and experienced runner herself.

  • Running Gait & Movement Analysis comprises of a 60 minute session looking at current training, assessing mobility, and running style with slow motion video and DorsaVi data analysis. You will be provided with a report of findings, running cues plus strength and conditioning advice. Ideal for someone returning from injury or looking to up performance. Cost: £80                                          
  • Training Planning will give you a personalised 8-week plan based on your goals and time. We spend an initial 30 minute session discussing goals, current training, and lifestyle commitments. After this session, Tanya will spend more time creating an individualised running plan. Cost: £80 
  • Run Analysis & Training Plan combines the two sessions above to get the both out of technique changes plus graded running exposure. Cost: £145