Physio Crouch End

Physio Crouch End

We are T A Physio in Crouch End, offering professional high-quality physiotherapy tailored to achieving optimum recovery. We offer a professional yet holistic approach to physio in Crouch End and promise to provide an honest and thorough explanation and examination of any issues – including sports injuries and rehabilitation, post-surgery complications and unexplained pain.

Our qualified and experienced team carry out in-depth initial assessments, so we can recommend the best treatments to bring your quality of exercise back to a level you were comfortable with pre-injury or complaint. We use a combination of the following physio treatment methods to ensure that you gain the maximum level of recovery possible:

Dry Needling
Dry needling is a modern treatment – named ‘dry’ needling because no fluid is injected into the skin. One of our qualified staff will insert filiform needles into ‘trigger points’ in your muscle or tissue, which helps to release knots, relieve pain and combat muscle spasms.

Sports Massage
Sports massage is a form of physio we offer in our Crouch End office, engineered towards athletes. It can be used to prepare the body for activity, as well as post-workout to recover from athletic fatigue and heal injuries.

Exercise Rehabilitation/ Medical Sports Trauma Work
We can devise a programme of gentle exercises which are created to help damaged tissue heal safely. Our exercise-based programmes are used when you need to recover full function by restoring endurance, flexibility, power and muscle strength.

Pain Management Education
We can work with you to develop strategies for coping with pain, whether it stems from an accident, sports injury, surgery or chronic condition.

Physiotherapy Led Pilates/ Pilates for Runners/ Pilates for Cyclists
Our trained staff can tailor our physiotherapy-led pilates sessions to suit your exact requirements – your lifestyle and any injuries can be taken into account and you can follow a personalised programme with special adjustments if necessary.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
We can provide comprehensive physio which focuses on corrections of impairments of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Below is a brief list of injuries and ailments we can treat with physio in our Crouch End office. For a more thorough list, please click here:

– Low back pain
– Arthritis
– Muscle and joint pain
– Hip and knee replacements
– Sports accidents
– Sprained ankle
– Ligament and tendon sprains
– Sciatica
– Whiplash
– Post-operative rehabilitation
– Swelling and stiffness

Some of our most popular physio services in Crouch End are as follows:

Shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive and painless solution to chronic soft tissue injuries, such as shoulder or hip pain, Achilles tendinopathy and tennis elbow.
Running gait and performance reviews are available from qualified England Running Coach Tanya Selby. We offer 2 packages which can be combined to create Running Gait and Movement Analysis and Training Plan – designed to improve performance and meet goals.

T A Physio have worked with local, national and international athletes at events such as the Commonwealth Games and the European Games. You can access our physio services in Crouch End through a GP referral, via self-funding or through your private healthcare provider. To book an appointment, please click here.