The long and short of… Leg Length Differences

The Sports Physio

I must hear at least once a day a therapist, or a patient discussing the issue of one leg being shorter, or longer than the other, what’s called leg length discrepancy or difference (LLD) or to give it it’s technical term ‘Anisomelia’. I also hear many therapists using this diagnosis to explain pain and movement dysfunction and so justify their treatment approaches!

However, I question LLD, I question what it is, I question how it’s diagnosed, but most importantly I question does LLD actually cause any significant biomechanical issues that can create pain and dysfunction, and so do we really need to correct them?

What is LLD?

There are two classifications of LLD, Functional LLD, sometimes referred to as ‘apparent LLD‘ and Anatomical LLD,sometimes referred to as a ‘true LLD.

Anatomical or true leg-length discrepancies are when there is actual skeletal…

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