A Tiger’s Tale… or rather its Sacrum!

The Sports Physio

You may have seen over the last few days the news about Tiger Woods and his Sacrum ‘popping out’ during the Bridgestone Championships and how it was ‘popped’ back in to place, and how this quick, miraculous ‘fix’ had Tiger ready for the US PGA tournament five days later, only to see him grimace and wince his way around the first two rounds looking uncomfortable and off form and eventually not making the cut.

Now in a game like golf I’m well aware there are a myraid of other reasons why a golfer doesn’t make the cut, but to me it looked like his back was a major factor.

So was Tigers miracle sacrum ‘popping in’ cure that miraculous?

Well lets not sugar coat it, of course it bloody wasn’t, and I’m not the only one who thinks so, many on twitter have voiced their concern and dismay at the…

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